Building a House-Project Flow 

Order house, reform ed.

Inquiry of requester (building owner)
Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you are interested in our website.
Simple questions are also welcome. I will answer in the range to understand.

Hearing of meeting request before contract
I would like to feel free to meet you after actually meeting your dream and your family's future plans. In particular, I think it would be nice to understand the design, atmosphere and feel of the house.

Field inspection, proposal of outline plan
At the beginning of the design process, we will make a free design proposal (rough plan).
The contents of the design proposal include schematic proposal drawings (plan, elevation, section, 3D perspective, etc.) based on legal investigation of the site, general construction costs, budget plans, etc.
If you feel that the image is not good at this point, you may decline it.
In addition, please keep in mind that you can not use the design proposal for the design, construction, etc. of other companies as it is for copyright protection.

Design supervision contract
You generally like the design proposal, and if you want to proceed with the design, you will exchange a "design supervision contract".
Contract procedures basically do not change regardless of new construction and renovation. In the case of new construction, the site is not included in the urbanization area, and if it is necessary to have a development permit, such as in the case of a controlled area, it is necessary to estimate the cost separately.

basic design
We will meet again and cook the outline plan. When we share ideas with each other, such as layouts that are good with each other, we will move from basic design to implementation design.
We will consider the site conditions, compliance with relevant laws, structure studies, equipment energy, finishing materials, etc. in parallel.
If site surveys and ground surveys are required, this will be an additional cost based on prior estimates

final design
Based on the basic design, we will decide on more detailed specifications while holding a meeting. We will carry out various tasks such as structure, frame details, interior details, fixture details, manufacturer's product catalog number check, color and texture in the showroom, etc.
I will summarize the above in the "implementation design". Finally, model creation is also included.
In the case of a detached house, it takes about 3 to 6 months as a guide for the work period required for basic design and implementation design.

Various permission applications such as building confirmation, estimate
In order to reach construction start, you must receive confirmation application of the administrative agency or confirmation inspection agency. In the case of a structure other than a wooden two-story structure (a wooden three-story structure, a steel frame and a reinforced concrete structure), the time required for confirmation is extended to some extent. (About three months old wooden house within about a month)

Construction contract
We ask construction contractors such as construction companies to create a construction detail estimate based on the "implementation design". We will determine the amount of construction after reviewing the contents of the estimate, and will conclude a "contract construction contract".
In addition, if the budget is over, we will make adjustments such as changing the specifications and bringing them down.
We will hold a local festival on request. Basically it is the act of the builder but generally the construction contractor will support.
Estimated adjustment period usually requires about 1 to 2 months.

Supervision of site construction
At the same time as the construction work starts, supervision at the site of the designer begins. Basically, it is a check of the visual consistency with the design drawing, but problems that were overlooked at the time of design may surface. In that case, we will adjust after obtaining the approval of the owner.
Intermediate inspection: We will attend the inspection of the administrative agency at the upper wing and the verification inspection organization.
As a construction period, it will be about a two-story wooden house and about 6 months from the start of construction until completion.

Completion, completion delivery
After the construction supervision period,
Completion inspection: Inspection of the administrative agency immediately before completion, inspection of the confirmation inspection organization. Inspection by design office, inspection by client etc.
I will attend the various inspections above. If there is a problem, after correcting the point indicated, it will be delivered after permission. When specification changes or additional constructions occur, we will carry out a liquidation.

Inspection after entering, maintenance
Regular inspections will be conducted after one month and one year. Although the inspection is basic, I think that I would like to contact you when you notice an initial failure, a defect, etc. We will deal with repair, parts replacement, etc. as needed in the presence of the builder, the designer, the contractor, and the third party.
In addition, we may ask for cooperation in coverage of magazines, media, etc.

To realize the image

I think that making a house is one of the biggest events in your life.

And after you make a house, you may not be able to say that life to interact with the house is waiting.

Home is a good old-fashioned word to make people, but I think that is why a home with a solid, fun dialogue in everyday life is needed.

I wish you a happy encounter as a partner to create a house that is unique to such a world.

There are a lot of people who think that "What kind of work do you do?" In general, we design a building, but to put it concretely, it is the most important task to make a plan according to the client's (builder's) intention.

Next is work of adjustment of construction amount of money, check of estimate? And there will be supervision during the construction period until the building is completed. In addition, aspects such as compliance with building-related laws can not be ignored in practice. The following is a summary of the steps involved in the design of a house as an example. Thank you for your reference. The "design supervision contract" is a summary of the specific promises of the contractor and the contractor. When we share a common desire to do this, we would like to exchange a contract as soon as possible.

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