A house where you can live comfortably without air conditioning

(As a note of the designer related to the theme)

How can we live comfortably if we devise winter daylight and summer ventilation?

Especially the following cases seem to be difficult.

・ What happens if the winter cloudy sky

In the case of the Kanto region, since winter is dry and sunny as it is typified by seasonal wind, so-called "Akagi goroshi", it is possible to use sunshine, but sometimes it is comfortable without heating just when it is cloudy There is none. The hardships of the heavy snow areas on the Sea of ​​Japan side are covered. It seems that old people used to devise a method such as burning fire indoors or burning charcoal in a bra and putting it in the ashes. At present, electricity, gas, kerosene, sunlight, etc. are used in addition to firewood, charcoal etc. as a heating heat source. There are various options (including OM solar and heat storage heating) for such heating equipment, so I think it is important to make a better choice in consideration of cost effectiveness. Of course, use as one point can also be considered. At the same time, it may be important not only to effectively use daytime sunshine but also to improve the heat storage performance of floors and walls, to increase insulation and airtightness, and to save energy in a home.

・ What happens if there is no wind in summer

What can not be overlooked as a summer weather condition is the sea breeze and land breeze. As is often said, in the daytime, the inland exposed to sunshine will rise compared to the sea side because the temperature rises and it will be high pressure, and the wind from the sea side will be blown. This is a breeze as the wind blows in the opposite direction at night, but it should be used absolutely. In particular, the plane configuration corresponding to the air flow direction and the space configuration of the cross section can not be made. So what do you do when you are in a hail, and in such a case it seems that a fan is not absolutely necessary. Especially ceiling fans can be used regardless of summer or winter.

・ What will happen in the rainy season?

Recently, the use of organic materials has been reviewed. One of the reasons is that the material has a humidity control function. We believe that it fulfills a role that can be said to be the second type of clothing that gently wraps human life. Including wood, Japanese paper, cloth, diatomaceous earth and plaster are typical. These finishing materials are less likely to cause allergies, and I think they are healthy materials. At the time of the rainy season, I think that the role of humidity control that such materials have should be used effectively.

I do not think that either method is completely perfect. The performance improvement such as heat insulation of aluminum sash is also remarkable. In my opinion, in order to spend comfortably without air conditioning, while thinking about the space composition of the house, it captures the suitability of materials and materials well, and the point of design is in the place where we harmonize organically as a house.

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