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4.01 KYH






Design outline

It is in the residential quarter environment given to public transport though it can be said that the site is narrowness.

It was possible to end by interpreting for a general solution as the city type dwelling therefore to be obtained ..the design...

It consisted flatly of two zones in which it separated into the south north and three layers of the composition of the house were three-dimensionally zones on the north side. And, it faces the road in the north, two worth of parking space is secured, the height of the floor is suppressed low, and the floor amount is connected to the zone in the south on the skip floor with the changing stairs. For the zone in the south north not to separate and to become a space on earth, I will at the same time have considered it.

Children's study rooms and married couple's studies are arranged in the top floor on the north side.

4.01 KYH






敷地面積 92.57 m2

建築面積 53.00 m2

(建ぺい率 57.25%<60%)

1階床面積 53.00m2

2階床面積 49.69m2

3階床面積 37.85m2 

延床面積140.50 m2 (容積率 151.82%<160%)

BF Plan 1/100

1F Plan 1/100

2F Plan 1/100

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