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4.09 STH

Design outline

1.Three wooden stories

It seems that three stories are appropriate inevitably solutions when the demand etc. are considered.

However, the highest height : within 10m because the problem in regulations comes out the seed kind when 10m is exceeded.

It suppresses it. Moreover, fireproof of exterior and interior (simple fireproof) is inevitably demanded as for three wooden stories. The structure stiffness etc. are considered generally and the first floor part is planned as a ferroconcrete make.

2.Showing of axis class

If it is a material with a big section, showing the tree axis is also possible though the interior is simple fireproof. Therefore, an independent pillar and beam to the living room of the second floor are planned as showing. The old at the time of dismantled the old private house material might be able to be used for here.

3.Element of free barrier

I want to apply the design to which the free barrier idea is taken about the first floor that centers on the parents home. I want to achieve the cancellation of the floor difference, the fold type bench in the door, and the installation of the sliding door, etc.

4.Living room open

The sliding door is multiused overall, and it aims at a space in the state to open the door open. The living room and the dining room of the child home of the floor of especially two are assumed during [kara] all-round that contains the mat corner, the bookshelf, and the storage of three mats with the kitchen corner, husband's study corner, and the moat kotatsus.

5.Roof terrace

When it faces a front road, the balcony is set up. Moreover, the roof terrace in the wood deck has been installed in the south of the third floor. I think that I can enjoy it in the sunshine condition that the mini kitchen garden and gardening, etc. at home are excellent.

6.Photovoltaic generation and floor heating

The shape of the roof is made the sloping one way only of 18 percent, and the module of the photovoltaic generation can be set up. About 3.64m/7.28m(26.5m2) is secured for the area.

The product to suppress the running cost by an electric floor heating using carbon fiber has gone out recently, too. It is a photovoltaic generation and equipment to be set up additionally.

4.09 STH






敷地面積  69.49 m2

建築面積  41.12m2(12.41坪) (建ぺい率 59.17%<60%)

 1階床面積  33.12m2(10.0坪)

 2階床面積  39.75m2(12.0坪)

 3階床面積  34.78m2(10.5坪) 

延床面積  107.65 m2(32.5坪)  (容積率 154.91%<300%)

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