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Idea of design

1.Engine frame in three layers with tree axis

It thinks about the engine frame of three stories by wooden conventional [kouhou]. It thinks materials of the use of a lot of passing pillars over the 1-2th floor and the 2-3th floor, and the beam material, etc. to be able to correspond safely to the earthquake enough by using the one long without the seam though the restriction is received to how to make in the opening.

2.About the site retreat

It suits by not being to the point to the second floor of the landing in the stairs part about the site retreat three meters from the urban road authorized in city plan.

3.About the aging correspondence

I want to apply the design to which the free barrier idea is taken about the first floor that centers on the parents home. I want to achieve the cancellation of the floor difference, the fold type bench in the door, and the installation of the sliding door, etc. as much as possible.

4.Space open and floor heating

It is effective for the lighting and ventilation though the open ceiling space is planned to the second floor part. It risks therefore, it wants to put the floor heating together on the first floor, and to set up heating in winter though it is inefficient again. 5.About a low cost

It seems to be very possible because wooden conventional [kouhou] is adopted though it is necessary to measure making to a low cost considerably to complete it within the budget of the presentation by this floor space (60 tsubo).

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4.10 KTH






敷地面積  165.66 m2

建築面積  82.81m2(25.0坪) (建ぺい率 50.0%<70%)

 1階床面積  74.53m2(22.5坪)

 2階床面積  72.87m2(22.0坪)

 3階床面積  57.97m2(17.5坪) 

延床面積  205.37 m2(62.0坪)  (容積率 123.97%<200%)


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