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 ●建物名 福島邸
 ●設計  宮田総合計画事務所
 ●施工  安藤工務店 竣工 1998年3月
 ●構造規模 木造2階建て
 ●面積  敷地面積 376.90m2 建築面積 99.98m2 
      延床面積 137.66m2 
      (1階97.91m2 2階 39.75m2)
  屋根  日本瓦葺き 勾配4寸
  外壁  モルタル刷毛引きアクリルリシン吹付け
  軒裏  白柾ラワン化粧合板 キシラデコール塗り

Fukushima house 福島邸

Children had been brought up up to now, it left the house where it had lived, and the house was requested from Mr. and Mrs. Fukushima newly near the daughter married couple and the grandchild.  Married couple..age..Japanese style..make..hope..design..expectation.  This building peeps into the kitchen, and it folds and it paves and all [de] ..Japanese-style room.. is done. And, the difference of one's feet of the passage and the room is lost.  I think study near the tasteful cottage as atmosphere.

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